Saturday, April 27, 2013

Off With Our Heads!

recently leaked painting by George W. Bush 
painting by Frida Kahlo
Yours Truely

I once hated George W. Bush as much as the Tea Baggers now hate Obama. I literally pictured his head on a stake. That changed when I saw him telling Charlie Rose the colors he would use to paint his tie during an interview. I instantly liked him. It all makes sense now. The reason he is so insane is that he is an artist like me. I'm sure some pretty bad stuff would go down if the world ever had the misfortune to have me as a President. Sure he is painting the most mundane things you can possibly imagine... cats, dogs and landscapes... but isn't that kinda awesome! I believe that there is a slacker (and painter) in the heart of every true artist. We are the ones you used to hear about that stop and smell the roses.  If we had complete freedom and didn't have to worry about what anybody thought about us, we wouldn't try to make masterpieces, save lives, prevent disease or end war. That assumes too much. The best artists are too objective. More than anybody we see the potential beauty in pain, suffering and "ugliness" of every kind. To avoid interfering or competing with God (who we respect as the ultimate master of ambiguity)... we'd pass the time painting the harmless objects of our affection... ourselves, our kids, naked ladies,  our pets... other peoples pets... and throw in an occasional tranquil landscape. GW is one of us! What a relief.

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