Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Running On Empty?

Look at the picture under "ABOUT ME" in the side bar. Now add about 100 lbs, knock out a tooth, and wipe the smile off his face. I'm forty one, been in the same roller coaster relationship for over 20 years, work 50+ hours a week (but live in poverty), have two cats and no kids. Pathetic, yes. Sympathetic, no. Why should anybody want to follow my story? If you are a happy, well adjusted person, I probably have nothing to offer you. If you are a slob like me who yearns to be something better but doesn't know where to begin, then I probably have nothing to offer you either... but I'm going to put in the effort. I want to be your hero.

I am on a quest to transform myself into a beautiful person inside and out: A person who all the world will admire. If all goes as planned, I will be a shining role model who demonstrates that anything is possible. You will learn from me (in clear and easy steps) how to improve your life and become a living saint.

And if all does not go as planned? You'll have a front row seat to the burial of a mans hopes and dreams. A small tragedy that may very well make your own drudgery and broken dreams more tolerable in comparison. At the very least, I can guarantee you will get a pretty good idea of what not to do on your own path to perfection.

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