Monday, August 31, 2009

Gordian Knot

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. "

Since becoming a vegan not much has changed. I still look and feel like crap. Just because I don't feel better doesn't mean I can't start thinking better though.

In an attempt to raise my consciousness I'm watching documentaries like Food Inc., King Corn, and All In This Tea. One of the most important things I've learned so far is that everything (good or bad) seeps right into our food. Misty mountains and a winding fresh water stream make a great tasting tea and a soulful culinary experience. Corn fed beef wading knee high in their own shit for the entire duration of their miserable lives results in e. coli epidemics, obesity, and heart attacks. Human beings have never paid less for their food and more for their health care.

I have also learned that many of the tasty looking (but slightly tasteless) foods I have started eating to replace animal products in my diet are made of soy and corn. Apparently the soy and corn industries are as (or more) corrupt and harmful than the meat and dairy industries. The nutritional value of the entire world's food supply has been diminished as these once delicious crops have been re-engineered into mere fillers and additives for just about everything we consume (even batteries), literally becoming the vessels of corporate ignorance, greed, and short term self-interests.

In the 1950's the McDonald brothers wheeled their ox cart onto the world's stage leaving us with a seemingly unsolvable puzzle. Our very survival may depend on a solution. Is there another Alexander on the horizon equipped to set us free and boldly usher in a new era? Or are the few of us who care to notice doomed to spend our days wearing our bloody knuckles to the bone fussing with this god forsaken knot ... Is there something wholesome in this house for me to eat that is delicious, easy to prepare, and affordable? Maybe the food I eat deserves more investment after all? I already gave up meat. Should I give up the Internet, cable, or (gasp) my cell phone (they are killing off the bees aren't they?), to be able to afford locally grown organic food? I'm hungry right now. Consciousness raising hurts. Help! I need an intervention before I go to In and Out and have a corn fed hamburger and a stroke.

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